Volume-2 Issue-6

S.No. Title & Authors Name Page
1 Robotic-Assisted Hernia Repair in a 76-Year-Old White Male: Case Report of a Surgical Treatment
Shelly F. Haferkamp, Sundar V. Cherukuri, Thomas J. Shaknovsky, D.O.DOWNLOAD
2 Histopathological Patterns of Childhood Rhabdomyosorcoma in Makurdi, North Central Nigeria
JA Ngbea, R.A. Vhriterhire, I.O. Akpor, M.N. Agwa T.D. Gyenger, O.O. Jegede, I.B. Achusi,K.N. Malu, T.J. Ben-AmehDOWNLOAD
3 Concurrent Retrocecal and Sub-Hepatic Acute Appendicitis and Acute Cholecystitis
Sundar V. Cherukuri, Shelly F. Haferkamp, Thomas J. Shaknovsky, D.O.DOWNLOAD
4 Measurement Of Serum Protein Carbonyl Group Levels In Breast Cancer Patients
Sibel Söylemez,Ayşe Banu Çaycı, Durmuş Ayan, Özlem Gülbahar, Deniz YamaçDOWNLOAD
5 Impending Thyroid Storm in Pregnancy with Pre-eclampsia with Severe Feature and Gestational Diabetes Mellitus in Limited Resources Facilities (a Case Report)
Melita, Ali Sungkar, Denny KhusenDOWNLOAD
6 The Safety of Hormonal Contraceptive in Post Evacuation Hydatidiform Mole (Evidence - Based Case Report)
Laila Nuranna, Denny Khusen, Muhammad Arief FadillahDOWNLOAD
7 Early warning score for biological simulation (EWS-BioHazMat)
Francisco Martín-RodríguezDOWNLOAD