Author guidelines

This file contains instructions for authors planning to submit a paper to the International Journal of Innovative Studies in Medical SciencesĀ (IJISMS). The present paragraph appears in the abstract environment. All papers should feature a single-paragraph abstract of no more than 250 words, which provides a summary of the main aims and results.

Once a paper has been accepted for publication, and instructions. It is imperative that authors check their proofs closely. Once ready for publishing, papers will usually be published online on before being assigned to a specific volume. The PDF published online is the Version of Record and no further alterations/corrections to this document will be allowed. The corresponding author is emailed a link to the published article once it is published on First View, and when it goes online as part of an issue.

Submission Guidelines

Submission of a paper implies a declaration by the author that the work has not previously been published, that it is not being considered for publication elsewhere and that it has not already been considered by a different editor of the Journal.

Aim and scope

International Journal of Innovative Studies inĀ Medical Sciences (IJISMS) accepts the manuscript related to different areas of medical sciences.

Publication fee

IJISMS entail fee/charges for ONLINE MAINTENANCE CHARGES and the charges for the issuance of the e-certificate.