International Journal of Innovative Studies in Medical Sciences

ISSN : 2457-063X

Volume-1 Issue-1

Perforated Toxic Megacolon: Fatal Presentation of Ulcerative Colitis

Neda Nozari

Some Aspects of Morphofunctional Organization of Germinal Regions of the Hippocampus and the Olfactory Bulb in Young and Old Mice

TM Yavisheva, S.D. Shcherbakov, I.S. Golubeva

Relationship of Blood and Urine Alcohol Levels in Postmortem Samples and Prevalence of Alcohol Level above Legal Limit in Hospital Kuala Lumpur

Mohd Hilmi S, Lai P.S., Khoo L.S., Nur Shazuwani R., Siew S.F., Kunasilan S.

Features of the Course of Psoriasis during Pregnancy

Bayramova A.N

An Unusual Presentation of Leptospirosis with the High Level of Liver Transaminases

Neda Nozari

Early Hemodynamic Changes as Predictors of Mortality after Packed Red Blood Cells Transfusion in Critically Ill Children

Mostafa M Mehrez MD., Mohamed Abdelaziz El-Gamasy MD,HamdyAbo-Hagar MD Khaled Talaat MD , Ahmed Abdelbaset Aboelezz MD,Sahar Abd-Elazim Abd-Elaziz MD