International Journal of Innovative Studies in Medical Sciences

ISSN : 2457-063X

Volume-2 Issue-6

Robotic-Assisted Hernia Repair in a 76-Year-Old White Male: Case Report of a Surgical Treatment

Shelly F. Haferkamp, Sundar V. Cherukuri, Thomas J. Shaknovsky, D.O

Histopathological Patterns of Childhood Rhabdomyosorcoma in Makurdi, North Central Nigeria

JA Ngbea, R.A. Vhriterhire, I.O. Akpor, M.N. Agwa T.D. Gyenger, O.O. Jegede, I.B. Achusi,K.N. Malu, T.J. Ben-Ameh

Concurrent Retrocecal and Sub-Hepatic Acute Appendicitis and Acute Cholecystitis

Sundar V. Cherukuri, Shelly F. Haferkamp, Thomas J. Shaknovsky, D.O

Measurement Of Serum Protein Carbonyl Group Levels In Breast Cancer Patients

Sibel Söylemez,Ayşe Banu Çaycı, Durmuş Ayan, Özlem Gülbahar, Deniz Yamaç

Impending Thyroid Storm in Pregnancy with Pre-eclampsia with Severe Feature and Gestational Diabetes Mellitus in Limited Resources Facilities (a Case Report)

Melita, Ali Sungkar, Denny Khusen

The Safety of Hormonal Contraceptive in Post Evacuation Hydatidiform Mole (Evidence - Based Case Report)

Laila Nuranna, Denny Khusen, Muhammad Arief Fadillah

Early warning score for biological simulation (EWS-BioHazMat)

Francisco Martín-Rodríguez