International Journal of Innovative Studies in Medical Sciences

ISSN : 2457-063X

Volume-3 Issue-5

Histopathological Patterns of Cervical Cancer in Makurdi, North Central Nigeria

Joseph A. Ngbea, T.Z. Swende, R.A. Vhriterhire, M.N. Agwa, O.I. Akpor, T. Nyaga, O.O. Jegede

Potential Harms Posed by Advances in Predicting Alzheimer's Disease

Falicia Elenberg, Edmund Howe

A Prospective Survey Evaluating Satisfaction and Perception about CyberKnife Treatment in Indian Patients and Caregivers

Debnarayan Dutta MD, Ajinkya Gupte MD (PGT), Rupa Das MD, Bibin Rose Mohan BSc, Srikanth Nair MHA

Spectrum Distortion of a Directional Microphone and its Removal for Hearing

Xubao Zhang

Study of Burnout Determinants among Soldiers of the Libreville Airport Area (GABON)

MpouhoNtsougha E M, Tine J A D, Niang K, FAYE A, Tal Dia A, Sipamio-Berre O M. Nzenzé J R